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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

Sep 12, 2021

Part 2!

Wednesday, 9/8/21, was my very first FB Live Masterclass in a Private FB Group. I LOVE how it turned out and wouldn't change a thing...but, it was a journey to get here.

Also check out Part 1 Episode 152 if you haven't already.

I share my triggers, yucky feelings and the lessons behind them, which helped me move forward.

The Masterclass is still live and free until 9/14. Link for the Private FB Group below. Please feel free to join and watch it.

Content Creation Success Strategies kicks off 9/15. 12 week program infusing mindset, energy, and manifestation into the aspects of creating content. Sales page link below.

Ready for private one on one coaching? Free discovery call link below.

Thank you for listening and sharing! for all other things!