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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

Jun 6, 2021

As promised!  Part 2 with Human Design Advisor and my fellow incredible Certified Life Coach- Ann Smyth.

She gives such juicy scoop on how to use Human Design to build awareness, transform and be happy!  

We are all unique and perfect in our own way and this modality is an amazing tool to help you understand that.

Make sure that have your chart handy. And take it a step forward and pull your partner/spouse or someone else's chart like I did. It really helps with relationships, communication and overall joy!

Free chart at:

Please check out the other 2 GKSC Human Design podcasts- 122 and 130.

Connect with Ann on IG and her website: https://www, to book a call.

Connect with me: FB, LI or IG @melinda_vanfleet

Thank you for listening and sharing!!!