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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

Nov 10, 2019


Wow!  I rarely have bad days but the day I am recording this kinda sucked...

Lessons to share:

1.  You are not alone.  We all have bad days.  Sometimes the day just needs to be over and start fresh tomorrow.  

2.  My bad day today is all tech based.  Maybe it's the moon?  Who knows..but remove yourself from tech if you can.  Take a walk, connect with nature or people "in the flesh"- crazy idea huh?

3. Appreciate others- people are kind and compassionate.  Apologize if you need to, explain what's happening and you may be surprised!  It's not all that bad.

Thanks for listening...and please share with someone who needs to know they are not alone.  Much love and kindness.  MVF