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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Apr 11, 2020

In this episode I have a special guest Debbra Lupien who is a spiritual teacher, coach, best selling author and voice of the Akashic Records.

Her guided meditations are beautiful, and I was so thrilled she would do this podcast.  One you can listen to over and over as guided meditations are gold!

Please also check out her YouTube channel - Debbra Lupien.  She does readings and they are incredible and very enlightening.  Her website is

I am anxiously awaiting her book Akasha Unleashed and will have her on again once I read her book as I love to have more interactive conversations.

Please share with a friend or family member.  Meditation is one of the powerful practices you can do.  It changed my life and hopefully this will help someone too.

Thank you for listening!

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