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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Aug 24, 2019


"Treat everyone you meet like God in drag." - Ram Dass

I love this interview with Carrlee Pinder- owner of Abundant Life Wellness.  

We discuss:

*Full Moon Celebration

*Chakra Clearings and Chakra's in general (Chakra 101)

*A Chakra Clearing tip you can use at home

*A 3 tip/ 5 minute reset package

And more!

You can...

Aug 17, 2019


"Don't focus on getting bigger, focus on getting better."  John Lee Dumas.

Sometimes we have to really take time to sit back and evaluate how we are going to use our time to best serve us.  If we don't it's easy to waste time, let other people use you for their agenda or even get overwhelmed.  Discipline in saying...

Aug 11, 2019




Through using my new journal that has more details that what I normally do...I realized that somedays I am just grateful I got thru my day with ease.  Can you relate?

In this episode I share some tips and thoughts on how we can all live with more ease.

Thanks for listening!  Follow me on IG, FB or LI.  Would love...

Aug 4, 2019



"Take Action And Don't Stop Til You Make It Happen." Kelly Roach

I realized awhile ago, I wasn't taking the most action possible.  I have always been very good at taking action. "Starting before I'm ready" has lead to a lot of forward movement and learning but when you realize you can do even more and build even...