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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Oct 27, 2019


"You get what you give.  What you put into things is what you get out of them." J Lo

Motivation vs. Inspiration.

Goals vs. Intentions.

What's the difference?  How can the difference help you?

And what does J Lo have to do with it?


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Oct 19, 2019


Have fun!  Best tip I could ever give.

This week my husband Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I took a day to go fun fishing.  This has always been very stressful for me mentally because I have a hard time taking a day off and relaxing.  Being that we were both laid off at the same time,  I always felt like if I...

Oct 13, 2019


Focus on Self Awareness to Help Manage Your Expectations- MVF

This is a Part 2 of my Episode 29- Tips on How To Manage Expectations. In these last couple weeks I have had my own learnings on managing my expectations in relation to being self aware.   Self Improvement is impossible without Self Awareness.  And the most...

Oct 6, 2019



In a world where you can be anything- why not be kind, compassionate and inspiring.

I hope this podcast inspires you to be compassionate to one more person on a daily basis and also yourself!  Stand up for yourself as you deserve to be treated with compassion as well.

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