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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Nov 30, 2019

Joint episode with my husband Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing) on how we get it all done.  Discipline, time batching, goals.  We have some fun too.

Thanks for listening!

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Nov 24, 2019

"Living your purpose is about being in alignment with your best and most authentic self every day."  Stacey Martino

BUT....what if you can't?  In this episode I share something I am going thru and my mindset tip how I am getting thru it.  

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Nov 17, 2019

This shorter episode is my personal little self talk hack.  

Remembering and making little hacks habits really can help you retrain your brain.  Positive thoughts, intentions, dreams- you name it- if you can think it you can do it.  Don't be afraid to speak it out loud into existence.

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Nov 14, 2019

Super excited this week to have had the opportunity to speak with multi passionate best selling author, podcaster, speaker and certified master life coach- Cara Alwill Leyba.  She just released her 9th book (yes 9th!)- Girl on Fire.  It's amazing how she keeps coming up with inspiring content that is also...

Nov 10, 2019


Wow!  I rarely have bad days but the day I am recording this kinda sucked...

Lessons to share:

1.  You are not alone.  We all have bad days.  Sometimes the day just needs to be over and start fresh tomorrow.  

2.  My bad day today is all tech based.  Maybe it's the moon?  Who knows..but remove yourself from tech if...