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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Jun 28, 2020

Do you pay attention to Angel Numbers?  I never had until this recent experience which helped shed some light and clarity on something I had been thinking about- podcast guests.

The book I refer to is: Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray.  I found it on Amazon.

I also share my podcasting interview journey and truths...

Jun 21, 2020



Dang!   Hope you are ready for this one!

Judi Holler is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Best Selling Author of Fear Is My Homeboy and CEO of Holla Productions.

Get ready to take notes or listen 2x.

1. If we were all fearless.....

2. No mistakes only gifts

3. Flipping the script on fear

4. Fear...

Jun 18, 2020


Post morning walk "rant" I guess you could say...

Sharing thoughts on being nice, positive and not getting worked up about things you cannot control.

Also- my $20, KW, Homeless story from yesterday.

Hope you enjoy!  Please share with a friend or family member.

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Jun 10, 2020

Enjoy this beautiful meditation from our special guest- Debbra Lupien.

As mentioned in the podcast- Debbra does a Free Monthly Zoom call in which you can ask a question.  Sign up on her website for her mailing list/newsletter-

Also check out her YouTube Channel- Debbra Lupien.

Another guided...

Jun 7, 2020


The timing of this podcast with Compassionate Diversity Speaker, Coach and Consultant, Susan McCuistion, couldn't be more synchronistic.

Susan offers 25 years of experience in working with people using three interrelated concepts- Comprehension, Connection and Collaboration.

In this podcast episode we dive into one of...