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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Aug 30, 2020


Real (or should I say Reel) talk conversation with Captain Ryan- Good Karma Sportfishing on our monthly joint podcast episode.

Story share, arrogance, boundaries, standing up for yourself and more. 

We unpack a lot as well as talk about the chapter for the upcoming 4th Annual International Best Selling Book...

Aug 23, 2020

Excited to share this podcast conversation today with you.

Joshua Reyes is the owner of Revival Float Spa in Odessa TX and the host of BYOB podcast.  I was on his podcast in June (check it out).

He has a fascinating story to share with the world, hence why I wanted to have him on the podcast.  He also shares his...

Aug 16, 2020

Let's face it- we all see negative examples around us every day.  But how often do you reframe it into something positive for yourself?  

This isn't about judging them, it's about using the examples you see out there to be your best self.

I share examples of money mindset, health and generosity.

Would love to hear your...

Aug 13, 2020

Love this! and hope you do too.

This is a guided meditation from Divine- nothing is scripted.  The message can help any of us with clarity and forward movement especially during this time.  You can also just listen for the message if you do not like to meditate or are driving/walking, etc.

Debbra Lupien- Akasha...

Aug 9, 2020

If you haven't listened to Christine Renee's Podcast on Reiki Episode 77- check it out.

She has so much knowledge and experience. I love chatting with her and was so excited to welcome her back.

She shares her wisdom on Chakra's.  They are the road map to such much in your life.  A starting point, which I did...