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The Wake Up Call Podcast

Oct 31, 2020

Start this month off on a positive track.

Ryan Van Fleet (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I discuss taking one action to help yourself move forward.  That action can help shift your mindset and build confidence.

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Oct 25, 2020

  • Have you ever wondered what other lives you have had?
  • Or wish to take a journey into what your higher mind is wanting you to see?
  • Are you experiencing something in this lifetime where you could use some help or insight?

When Marie Faulkner told me what she does- it was another "Sign me up!" 

I share my story about my...

Oct 18, 2020

Dr. Isabel Perez and Dr. Jyun Shimizu are ISAMIZU.

The are a team of Quantum Health Consultants that provide pathways through combining the latest breakthroughs of modern science and technology with centuries of wisdom of natural therapies to achieve balanced and holistic health.

I have gotten to know Dr. Jyun b/c he is...

Oct 11, 2020


Yes!!  Super excited Raphie Wagner (Founder of Not A Momma) is hosting another Live Virtual Summit which she has fabulously rebranded to call is a "Virtual Retreat."

I was part of her live summit last April and it was so fun!  I am honored to be part of it again.

Unselfishly Loving Me- Live Virtual Retreat.  Starts...

Oct 4, 2020

I coach and speak about here we go with this episode...this covers racism, politics and just being kind....

You will either think:

A. "Melinda has lost her mind"

B. "I kinda get it....maybe goes against how I was raised..but it's making me think."

C. Heck ya!  Totally hear ya!

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