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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

Oct 2, 2022

Another enlightening episode with my 16-year old niece, Sienna Krieg. This month Sienna shares about a recent beach clean-up trip and how she conquered her fear in going by herself.

Every entrepreneur faces fears and limiting beliefs. It's part of the journey. What sets successful entrepreneurs apart is their ability to push through the fear and take action despite their limitations. Pushing through fear is not easy. It requires getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. But it's worth it because it opens up a world of possibilities. When you push through your fears, you start to see that your beliefs are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. From there, anything is possible. So push through your fears and see what awaits you on the other side. You might just be surprised at what you're capable of achieving.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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