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The Wake Up Call Podcast

May 14, 2020

"What Feeds My Soul? When you figure that out and start doing it you’ll be unstoppable, and that’s when the real fun begins. "- Debbra Lupien

Debbra is an incredible spiritual teacher and international best selling author.  She provides clarity, enlightenment and guidance through accessing the Akasha Records.

She graced this podcast in Episode 60 with a beautiful guided meditation and this week is back to talk about her book Akasha Unleashed, her YouTube readings (free!- Subscribe to Debbra Lupien) and her readings in general.  (AMAZING!)

I have participated in all three and share my experience and stories.

Please share this podcast with a friend or family member.  Understanding universal guidance can really help you or someone you know.  Debbra's website is:

***Debbra's Monthly call that I mention is Saturday May 16th at 11am EST.  Sign up at

Also her meditation she mentioned is: