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The Wake Up Call Podcast

May 24, 2020




Here it is- My learnings and insight from having a Soul Introduction reading with Debbra Lupien. 

I am sharing this b/c getting insights from the universe can help you too!

Debbra has been on the podcast 2x.  Episode 60 and 67.  Her soul readings are incredible.  I learned a lot and it also helped with:

  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Insight
  • And- to let that Sh!% go!

I highly recommend any type of reading to help you move forward and live your best life!  

You can find her by checking out her website:

And also her YouTube Channel- Debbra Lupien.

Join my 'Good Vibes' FB group- I posted my Mindset reading in the group which was fascinating and so helpful!

PS- Private coaching available again- contact me at

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My other podcast is- Crush It In Sales

Thank you for listening!