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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

Aug 8, 2021

Wow! Love this "cosmic soup" conversation with returning guest Physic Medium, Shamanic Reiki Energy Healer and Author- Joy Andreasen.

Joy was on Episode 110 where we talked about Soul Retrieval, Shamanism, Energy Clearing, and more.

In this episode we talked:

  • Releasing judgment to move towards better health
  • Ancestor healing, toxic people and boundaries
  • Karma, name calling, and energy- tip!
  • Rock reading
  • Time in regards to readings
  • I Ching
  • Number 8

And more...

Joy's books- Journey to Joy and Whispers From Another Room are available on Amazon and you can find all things- blog, books, book a reading, and more on her website:

Connect with Joy on FB too.

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